Sweet & Tart Valentine’s Breakfast

Cranberry and white chocolate scones hold a very special place in my heart. When paired with a mug of pipping hot coffee and a quiet morning these little scones have the indulgent power to turn any day into a great day. Although I have tried many different variations, this recipe is by far my favourite; it is easy, fast and delicious. To take these scones to the next level, all you need is to spread a high quality marmalade on them *de-lish!* I used a pink grapefruit and rose extract marmalade from Kitten & The Bear – a quaint little tea room and confiturier {hint: A jar of one of their delicious handmade preserves would make a fantastic Valentine’s gift for the foodie in your life.} 

Kitten & The Bear - Toronto

Nail polish: Essie’s “Cute as a Button

Sweet & Tart Valentine’s Breakfast

Friday Favourites

Blushed Tapatia - Crate & Barrel Christmas Decor{Crate & Barrel’s Christmas decorations made me giggle with Joy}

I kicked off this week with a terrible stomach flu that kept me bedridden all Monday and feeling weak the rest of the week. The silly bug was a huge set back my on-going 60-day challenge at Barreworks but I was determined to still make the best of this week. I spent most of my evenings drinking ridiculous amounts of tea and watching Suits. The Santa Claus parade is happening this weekend so I have given myself full permission to kick-off the Christmas season as of today! Hope Mike is ready for the Christmas music 😉 This weekend will be spent watching movies, drinking this hot chocolate and checking out Erica Domesek’s P.S I Made This event at Holt Renfrew. I hope that you have a wonderful one!

Blushed Tapatia - Michael Bublé Christmas {on continuos repeat from now until January}

Blushed Tapatia's roasted vanilla bean pears {the smell of roasted pears & vanilla on a chilly Saturday morning}

Blushed Tapatia - Roasted Pear Vanilla Bean Dutch Baby{Falling in love with this incredible recipe}

Blushed Tapatia- Excited for Erica Domesek{Excited to meet the DIY queen}

Blushed Tapatia - The Best Headband{Sporting my favourite headband – Winter is coming!}

Blushed Tapatia - Talulah modeling{The poses that this lady does inspire my creativity! Rose from Titanic anyone?}

Friday Favourites