Hair Confessions: Lesson Learned

2014 was a very interesting hair year for me, and I mean “interesting” in the worst sense of the word.

All through my high school and most of my university years I kept my hair style more or less the same, which is to say, it had no particular style. It was long, it was wavy, it was okay. Then one day, while cramming for final exams and finishing up term papers, running on exactly 3 hours of sleep and after drinking my fourth Red Bull, I had the most brilliant idea in the world: I would get a bob hair cut {!!!} And in a very Carpe Diem way, I went straight to the hair salon before I could actually sleep on it and chopped all my hair off.


This was the first time I had had such a drastic transformation and was surprised at how fun having short-bouncy hair could be so naturally I grew a quite a bit more confident with what my hair could do. For the next few years I played with different cuts but it wasn’t until last year that I ventured into the world of colour….

Last December I went into the hair salon and confidently told my stylist “I want to be blonde.” I should have taken his incredulous look followed by laughter and then by realization that I wasn’t kidding as a bad sign but apparently when I get an idea into my head I can be stubborn {or something… ;)}. Against his expert opinion {and my husband’s}, he listened to his customer and gave me highlights.

Hair Confessions with Blushed Tapatia

I enjoyed my Kelly-Clarkson-Circa-2001 look for exactly 2 minutes before realizing the mistake I’d made but {being the stubborn lady that I am} I refused to let anyone, especially my stylist, know my true feelings.

After a couple dozen box dyes and more than monthly visits to the hair salon, I’ve realized that although my hair does grow back rather quickly, it might not necessarily be the best “canvas” to play with.

Lesson learned: never make decisions when you’ve only slept for 3 hours and have had more than the daily recommended amount of caffeine.

Have you played around with your hair style and colour? Did you ever go back to the original or did you find something different that you love?

Hair Confessions: Lesson Learned

Hydration Obsession

Fresh face oil

When I first heard of face oils I cringed {is that not the exact opposite of what you want on your face?} and vowed never to use them. However, this winter desperation hit after suffering of an endless cold marathon that unfortunately claimed the skin around my nose as a victim. Not even the fanciest aloe-infused Kleenex were able to prevent that gross dry skin area around my nose so I caved and decided to give face oils a try {as you can see by the tiny bottle in the photo above, I was still not convinced so I opted for the safe test-size}. After exfoliating and cleansing, I applied this oil on my face and neck and although I looked like an oily mess for a few minutes, my parched skin quickly sucked it all up and my nose was back to its normal self! I now use it on a daily basis to fight the terribly dry winter skin and will soon have to go get the real-sized bottle.

I was told by a woman at Sephora that she actually uses the oil to hydrate her hair and hands as well. I have not given this a try but I am curious to know if you have and what you thought about it.


Hydration Obsession

Pampered by Pantene

afterlight (99)

This past weekend I was invited by a friend to “get our hair done”. I did not ask for any more information, as I do not know a more relaxing way to begin a weekend than by getting your hair styled by a professional. I was expecting some sort of small event at a hair salon but was pleasantly surprised when I arrived to a spa-like pop-up shop set up by Pantene. While we waited and browsed through the different products on their new line, we were treated with coffee and a nail and candy bar. They then took the time to really figure out which one of Pantene’s new products would be best for our hair.  Since I have been playing around with my hair in the last few months I opted for their colour treated option and I must admit, I am quite the fan!

I also {finally!} learned how to curl my hair using a hair straightener. I know I am about 5 years too late and in all honesty I have tried and failed more times than I care to admit. The hairstylist that was working on my hair was incredibly friendly and as he was working his way through my ridiculous full head of hair, curling with the ease of a professional, I opened up to him and told him about the many embarrassing attempts that I have made to curl my hair with anything but a curling iron. Taking pity on me, he explained the technique in a language that I actually understood.

Amazing hairstylist: “Are you crafty?”

Me: “I like to think so…”

Amazing hairstylist: “Have you ever curled a ribbon with scissors?”

Me:….{mind blown & mouth literally gaping in awe}…..”Seriously?! That’s it?!”

Amazing hairstylist: “Yup”

So the next morning I imaged my hair being ribbon and my curling iron being scissors and I am incredibly proud to say that it worked!

unnamed       unnamed   

{The before and after shot – Oh, by the way, I chopped my hair about two weeks ago}

afterlight (98)

It was such a fun event. Thank you Pantene!

Pampered by Pantene

Wrap, wrap, wrappin’ and some hair.

I think I’m not alone when I say Pinterest is both a blessing and a curse. It can serve as an endless catalog of inspiration and a fantastic tool for passing time, however, it can also increase the pressure for us crafty people. When I was planning my wedding I just kept thinking – I like this but is it Pinterest worthy? Terrible and slightly embarrassing, I know, but when there are so many gorgeous and magazine-like photos of real events, real family pictures, and real home-made food, our own expectations are heightened {I’m not alone in this, right?}.

Earlier last week I was scrolling through Pinterest looking for some gift wrapping ideas and I stumbled upon this lovely photo.da363c40a50e7755e2c35a27826cc755

I got obsessed. It’s simple, creative, amazing – I had to make it!
Turns out, it’s a lot more difficult to find black paper in Toronto than expected and after scrounging different Michael’s and spending an excruciating 30 minutes in a Walmart teeming with anxious Christmas shoppers, I found myself at the verge of a nervous meltdown. Thankfully, Reason decided to kick in and rescue me from what would have been an incredibly embarrassing moment. I figured there was no need to be all Pinteresty, I  would just have to look through my craft closet and work with what I had.

It’s surprising how much inspiration you can get just from looking at pretty materials! I have a slight obsession with all things glitter and with Japanese washi tape so I gathered my small collection, used kraft paper as a nice blank canvas and got to work. I had glue stickers in the shape of different flowers that I had bought years ago and had never really found a project for, so I decided to decorate each brown package with a few flowers and make them more seasonal by sprinkling them with different shades of blues and grays. I then wrapped each package with some washi tape, sparkly tape and ribbon.

Gift wrapping via Blushed Tapatia

It turned out to be much more rewarding to come up with my own designs and I found that by challenging my creativity a little I became even more creative, more excited, and felt proud of what I had accomplished. {*Surprise, surprise!*}

My creativity was, in fact, so peaked this weekend that I didn’t only bake up a storm of goodies {my husband truthfully pointed out I only step foot in the kitchen when I’m feeling creative} but I also decided to change up my hair for the first time in a few years so today, I’m a little bit blonder! Blonde hair via Blushed Tapatia{A little uncertain about it but deciding to work it!}

Wrap, wrap, wrappin’ and some hair.

The Perfect Nude Lip

marc jacobs severine

Although I am a lover of all things bright I find it takes a lot in me to add some pop to my lip. I have to not only be in the mood for bright lipstick but also be willing to take a break from my regular make-up routine. I still, however, covet the sharp and polished look that a well-applied lipstick can create. The solution – nude lipstick.

Nude tones are just about everywhere so during my search for the perfect nude lip I was shocked to learn that the majority of nude lipsticks out there are just not right.  Some shades made me look like I simply applied concealer causing my lips to disappear while others were too matted or too sticky. Just as I was about to throw my hands up in the air and call it quits Marc Jacobs dropped his new cosmetic line – Marc Jacobs Beauty. The colours available in his Lovemarc-LipGel are beautiful and the texture is glossy without being sticky – sheer perfection, but really, what else could we expect from Jacobs? Severine 112 is the perfect nude tone and when I found it it took everything in me to prevent a victory dance party from happening in the middle of Sephora. Needless to say, it has been incorporated into my every day look.

To top it all off, the body of the lipstick is magnetic so the lid securely fastens & will not fall off and create a mess in your purse {or does that only happen to me?}. It also has been great at attracting all the lose bobby pins in my purse making it incredibly easy for touch ups.

The Perfect Nude Lip