Something new


A few weeks ago I decided to try something new. Something I had been dying to do for quite some time but, for some reason, I  let that little anxiety gremlin inside of me (we all have that right?) convince me that it was too difficult for me to learn something so complex this late in life (ha! quarter life crisis), that even if I could learn it, it’s just not the “type” of stuff I’m into and also not the type of stuff regular people do as a hobby .

Then, a few weeks ago I told the little gremlin to shut it and started searching for a beginners coding class. I wasn’t quite sure what the most prestigious place to learn code in Toronto was but I knew that I wanted to find a course that wouldn’t only teach me the know-how but a place that would make me feel comfortable enough to ask a gallilion silly questions – because that’s really how I learn – by asking lots of “Why?” questions – like a two year old 😉

I  then remembered that a friend volunteers at Ladies Learning Code and after poking around their site I signed up for a Saturday workshop.

To say that the workshop was fast paced would be the understatement of the year but they had plenty of coffee and coaches offering help & answering questions. Somewhere between the caffeine high and the beautiful exposed bricks, I fell so very deeply in love with coding.


 {Not only did they have endless amounts of coffee but they served it in those amazing mugs!}

Afterwards  I was literally buzzing for the rest of the day and well into the evening – and it wasn’t just the caffeine! I was SO thrilled to have learned how to make a website from scratch. Sure I’ve got a TON to learn. Sure it is going to be very difficult and I have basically a whole new language to master but my goodness, am I excited for the challenge! I want to CREATE. To DESIGN. To MAKE THINGS! And this workshop reminded me of that.

I’ve got a long way to go before I am able to call myself a coder but I took the plunge.

So, with that I want to challenge you to try something new in January. Push yourself outside of your comfort zone and quiet down that little anxiety gremlin inside of you because that buzzing feeling you get when you try something new is so incredibly worth it!


Something new

One thought on “Something new

  1. Anonymous says:

    Lovelove the story!! You’ll do great. I’ve always wanted to add some kind of highlights to my hair… Today is the day! I’m scared/exciiited. I’ll keep you posted

    🙂 #notscaredofnew #kinda


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