What I Read in October

OctoberBooksI am really thankful that one of the last surviving Indigo stores is close to my office. One of my favourite things to do when I need a break is to walk to the store and browse around for new books. Sure, books are way cheaper on Amazon but I just love casually walking up and down the aisles in a book store until a cover, or title jumps out. This past month, that book for me was Ripper. I truly admire Isabelle Allende as an author and a feminist ( have you seen this TED Talk of hers?!) so when I saw her new book sitting on the shelf at the store I didn’t even think twice.

Ripper, is, as far as I am aware, Allende’s first venture into the murder mystery genre and she did a brilliant job. The story telling was so captivating that I was quite literally glued to this book – I just needed to find out who was committing all the murders and how they connected with the main character, Indiana!

Not only will this book will transport you to beautiful current day San Francisco, it will introduce you to four of the most compelling characters in any murder mystery novel. Allende is one of the most talented story tellers of this century and part of the reason why is because she has the ability to create incredible characters and in this case, the characters are what makes the novel truly memorable. After having finished this book, I felt like Indiana, her spunky daughter Amanda and her father were close family friends.

The Blackthorn Key was October’s pick for the #IndigoBookClub. I had never participated in this Twitter chat but figured since I devoured Ripper (finished it in just over a week) I had some time to catch up and finish the book before the chat. The book had potential – London in the 1600’s, a young apothecary apprentice, murder mystery ( this was apparently the theme for the month) –  but it turned out to be just all-right. The story was definitely entertaining but I found the characters lacked in complexity. I also didn’t try to solve the code puzzle that the main character is working to decipher but many on the #IndigoBookClub admitted that that was their favourite thing. It was an easy, entertaining read that one who loves solving puzzles might enjoy.

Have you read either of these books? What did you think?

Also, I’m always looking for new book to read so I’d love to know what you have been reading!

What I Read in October

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