It’s all in the details

fireplace{A fireplace! Even out of commission it makes our living room so cozy }

We recently moved from our high rise on Roncesvalles and while we really miss the incredible view and the waterfront, I must admit I am completely infatuated with our current place. Not only is the neighbourhood fantastic, our neighbours lovely and my commute half what it used to be, but our new little home has an incredible amount of character, something I thought we’d only get after we became home owners.That being said, not everything is perfect and there are a few things I would love to change {the subways runs right below us so we can hear & feel a slow rumble every 5 minutes or so} but I really have been making an effort to focus and be thankful for the good {or great in this case} . We aren’t fully settled in yet but I wanted to share a few of those details that make our new space feel like home.

Office{Our new office aka a bedroom for all my books…yay!}

Bedside Table{The softest light comes in our bedroom windows and makes my bedside table a beautiful sight every morning}

Bathroom tile{Pretty sure this tile is the reason we chose this apartment and it’s by far, my favourite detail}

It’s all in the details

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