The Best Icebreaker Ever.

“If Nancy Meyers made a movie about you, what song would play during the opening credits?”

Now you probably are thinking that I have officially lost it but think about it. The answer to that question would reveal so much about that person -their taste in music, in movies, what type of “genre” they see their lives as – and will immediately help you figure out if it is worth to continue chatting with them or if you should move on. For me, for example, if you don’t know or don’t like Nancy Meyers (is that even possible), we probably won’t get along. Just kidding, I love you even if you don’t know who the best chick-flick director in the world is.

If you were to ask me that question the answer would be easy – September by Earth, Wind and Fire. That’s right. If there was ever a movie made about me, the opening credits would have September playing in the background. Imagine a setting like the photo below and add to it a twenty-something girl/woman walking out of downtown office, wearing red lipstick and carrying too much stuff in her purse….and now start humming the song…. perfect right?! Opening Credits

I’d love to know, what song would play during the opening credits of a movie starring you?

P.S – The best opening credits in a movie, ever.

The Best Icebreaker Ever.

4 thoughts on “The Best Icebreaker Ever.

  1. You are sooooo September!!! Ha!!

    This is such a tough question, but I’d have to go with 11th Dimension by Julian Casablancas! (I’m thinking my next tattoo is going to be song lyrics…)

    And did you see The Intern yet??


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