Spring is in the Air

Last weekend I smelt it in the air. That fresh smell that is so unmistakably a sign of the {hopefully quickly} approaching spring. And I was feeling good!

Michael and I took the dogs for a nice long walk through High Park and we noticed that even Talulah, the one who detest winter the most, had a little spring to her step {pun totally unintended :)}.

Spring brings light, flowers, jean jackets and fresh warmth. It reminds me of the excitement of finishing off a year at university and of weddings – in particular my own. It’s about renewal, refreshment and growth. And truthfully it helps me appreciate winter a little more, for without it, spring would not be.

spring wedding {A little throw back Thursday photo taken by the talented Blythe from Edmonds & Mckinlay Photography}

So with that, I am allowing myself to begin a spring countdown and since winter this year began way before the official start day I am crossing my fingers that spring is feeling as excited to come as winter was.

Only 20 more days!

Spring is in the Air

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