Antique Dresser DIY

Antique dresser diy

Antique Dresser DIY

After Mike and I got married we were lucky enough to live in a gorgeous furnished apartment so it was a bit of a shock when we moved down to the city and had to look for new furniture while at the same time think of creative ways to make all of our things fit {we downsized from a two bedroom to a one bedroom}. Within a few days of moving we were unpacked and settled in {everything fit thanks to my mom’s fabulous solutions!} but there were a few key pieces that we were missing. We specifically were in dire need of a dresser for the entrance that would add some colour to the corner as well as some extra storage space.

There were many dressers that we found that would have worked but they were in poor condition and ranged in price from $100-$400; we just could not justify it. With patience {it was not easy!} I finally found this perfect piece in Kijiji for only $40. We stuffed it into our little car and as soon as we brought it home I got right down to work.Antique Dresser DIY

After removing the handles I used an electric sander to even out the surface and get rid of some scratches. I then gave it a good wipe down and let it dry for a few minutes. After it was fully dry, I applied 2 coats of this paint. Although I was very excited about the colour, it turned out to be a little too nursery looking so after it dried I used an oil based burnt brown paint to give it a patina {if you do this make sure you use gloves- I did not and for a few days it looked like I had a mishap with fake tanning cream}.

Antique Dresser DIY

It took about 2 days for the patina to dry {again, patience!} but once it was done we put the handles back on and lined the drawers to give it a nice finishing touch. Originally I was intending on using these for the hardware and was so disappointed after I brought them home to find out that they did not fit. In a state of desperation I threw the original hardware on the drawers and was so pleasantly surprised to realize that they actually looked great. It saved me quite a bit of money and gives the dresser a very unique feel.

Antique Dresser DIY

Although it did try my patience at times, it was a surprisingly fun project and we are ecstatic with the final product. It would make a great project for a long weekend!

Antique Dresser DIY

Antique Dresser DIY

4 thoughts on “Antique Dresser DIY

  1. Such inspiration! I’m preparing to move in with my boyfriend and getting all of my ideas together for how we’re going to furnish the place! Love the colour you chose here 🙂


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