Have a cuppa tea, friend

Valentine's Day gift for a friend

I am one of those bizarre people who absolutely loves school and went through serious withdrawal after graduating from University. Although I have {kind of} learned to cope with the fact that my school days are done, every now and then I let myself indulge in some of the things that take me right back to those nostalgic days, one of those being Valentine’s Day. I truly miss those elementary school days where as a class we would make handmade cards for everyone, drop them off in little handmade mailboxes scattered around the classroom and study each one of them trying to decode non-existing love messages {or was that just me?}.

Although those days are long gone I like the idea that was stilled in me at a very young age of spreading the love around on this special day. Though there are no more handmade mailboxes I still get a thrill from giving close friends and co-workers a “sweet-thought” gift; a gift that doesn’t cost much but it’s thoughtful enough to make them smile. I was in the midst of thinking what this year’s gift would be when I stumbled upon David’s Tea tea-filled greeting card.  It’s cute, affordable, and enjoyable so if you are nostalgic like me and have been looking for that sweet little gift- look no further!

afterlight (80)

Have a cuppa tea, friend

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