Friday Favourites

Bobbi Brown {My current go-to bronzer: Bobbi Brown’s Golden Light}

This week I got my billionth cold of this season {my immune system seems to have gone away for the winter} so although it was a relatively normal week everything kind of blurred into one big long day and I was pleasantly surprised when I realized that today is, in fact, Friday. This weekend we have our annual Oscar’s party and I am giddy with excitement {I’m going to call it early and predict that the award for Best Actor will go to Matthew McConaughey!}. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Talulah {It might be a little out of season but I found this little elf sweater and Talulah is rocking it like nobody’s business}

 {I was recently introduced to The Sloane Tea Company and I am beyond obsessed.The price tag seems a little excessive until you have your first sip.}

afterlight(104) {Lovely green mums to remind me of warmer days}

afterlight(103) {Sweet box of truffles from The Chocolateria}

Friday Favourites

Spring is in the Air

Last weekend I smelt it in the air. That fresh smell that is so unmistakably a sign of the {hopefully quickly} approaching spring. And I was feeling good!

Michael and I took the dogs for a nice long walk through High Park and we noticed that even Talulah, the one who detest winter the most, had a little spring to her step {pun totally unintended :)}.

Spring brings light, flowers, jean jackets and fresh warmth. It reminds me of the excitement of finishing off a year at university and of weddings – in particular my own. It’s about renewal, refreshment and growth. And truthfully it helps me appreciate winter a little more, for without it, spring would not be.

spring wedding {A little throw back Thursday photo taken by the talented Blythe from Edmonds & Mckinlay Photography}

So with that, I am allowing myself to begin a spring countdown and since winter this year began way before the official start day I am crossing my fingers that spring is feeling as excited to come as winter was.

Only 20 more days!

Spring is in the Air

And the nominees are…

Daniel Day-Lewis, Jennifer Lawrence, Anne Hathaway, Christoph WaltzThe Oscars are my version of the Olympics or the Super Bowl. I get obsessive prepping before the big night by watching as many of the nominated movies as possible {a few years ago I actually watched almost every single movie nominated..the international movies proved incredibly difficult to get a hold off though} and making “educated” guesses as to who will take the Oscar that year.

As much as I love seeing the actors strutting in gorgeous gowns down the red carpet and enjoy the dance and banter that goes on during the show, there is a bigger sentimental element that gets me excited for the Academy Awards year after year. I can’t tell you when it started but my dad, my sister and I made it a tradition to stay up on Oscar nights. We absolutely loved watching the characters that we had so loved {or so hated} turn into “regular” people who laughed and made every day mistakes. I also took joy in being able to discern which movie would be most likely to take the Oscar that year. This night was also extra special because it was the one school night when our bedtime was fully ignored.

To keep the night feeling special, my husband and I get together with a group of friends {who are just as obsessive as we are} and we all get dressed up as movie characters and give awards for best dressed and best guesses. Going in to work on the Monday after is not the greatest yet somehow I still get the same kind of proud feeling I had back in grade 7.

Although I have not been able to watch all the Best Picture nominees this year, I am especially excited for this Sunday. I only have three more movies to watch in this category but every single movie that I have watched this year had me sitting at the edge of my seat, made me cry and/or laugh and made my jaw drop because of the incredible acting or the beautiful cinematography. 2013 was a phenomenal year for movies and although I personally think that the fight will be between American Hustle & 12 Years A Slave, I am excited to see them all up there.

Who do you think will win Best Picture and do you care?

And the nominees are…

Pampered by Pantene

afterlight (99)

This past weekend I was invited by a friend to “get our hair done”. I did not ask for any more information, as I do not know a more relaxing way to begin a weekend than by getting your hair styled by a professional. I was expecting some sort of small event at a hair salon but was pleasantly surprised when I arrived to a spa-like pop-up shop set up by Pantene. While we waited and browsed through the different products on their new line, we were treated with coffee and a nail and candy bar. They then took the time to really figure out which one of Pantene’s new products would be best for our hair.  Since I have been playing around with my hair in the last few months I opted for their colour treated option and I must admit, I am quite the fan!

I also {finally!} learned how to curl my hair using a hair straightener. I know I am about 5 years too late and in all honesty I have tried and failed more times than I care to admit. The hairstylist that was working on my hair was incredibly friendly and as he was working his way through my ridiculous full head of hair, curling with the ease of a professional, I opened up to him and told him about the many embarrassing attempts that I have made to curl my hair with anything but a curling iron. Taking pity on me, he explained the technique in a language that I actually understood.

Amazing hairstylist: “Are you crafty?”

Me: “I like to think so…”

Amazing hairstylist: “Have you ever curled a ribbon with scissors?”

Me:….{mind blown & mouth literally gaping in awe}…..”Seriously?! That’s it?!”

Amazing hairstylist: “Yup”

So the next morning I imaged my hair being ribbon and my curling iron being scissors and I am incredibly proud to say that it worked!

unnamed       unnamed   

{The before and after shot – Oh, by the way, I chopped my hair about two weeks ago}

afterlight (98)

It was such a fun event. Thank you Pantene!

Pampered by Pantene

Day of Love & Friendship.

You're Hot

One of the many “traditions” that I absolutely adore and will hold on to for as long as I can is the Mexican perspective of Valentine’s Day. Although the direct translation of the word is San Valentin, we refer to this day as el dia del amor y la amistad – the day of love and friendship and on this day we celebrate exactly that. It is not a day celebrated only by people that are in romantic relationships, it is rather a day to celebrate the love that we have for others and that others have for us {whether it comes from a lover, a parent, a friend or a relative}. I am a big fan of Valentine’s day – partly because of all the pink but mostly because I am a firm believer in the importance of celebrating love in all its forms.

I believe that by focusing only  on the romantic side of Valentine’s we are doing a great dishonor to the holiday {and yes I consider this a holiday}. Although I am very grateful for having Mike in my life and truly enjoy celebrating our love, there are also other people who have showered me with tremendous love and have had a huge impact in my life and that should also be celebrated!  I, for once, do not believe that the word “love” can be over used but I also don’t think that we use it nearly enough. So with that, tell someone today that you love them. Have a happy love day friends and remember…

Day of Love & Friendship.

Antique Dresser DIY

Antique dresser diy

Antique Dresser DIY

After Mike and I got married we were lucky enough to live in a gorgeous furnished apartment so it was a bit of a shock when we moved down to the city and had to look for new furniture while at the same time think of creative ways to make all of our things fit {we downsized from a two bedroom to a one bedroom}. Within a few days of moving we were unpacked and settled in {everything fit thanks to my mom’s fabulous solutions!} but there were a few key pieces that we were missing. We specifically were in dire need of a dresser for the entrance that would add some colour to the corner as well as some extra storage space.

There were many dressers that we found that would have worked but they were in poor condition and ranged in price from $100-$400; we just could not justify it. With patience {it was not easy!} I finally found this perfect piece in Kijiji for only $40. We stuffed it into our little car and as soon as we brought it home I got right down to work.Antique Dresser DIY

After removing the handles I used an electric sander to even out the surface and get rid of some scratches. I then gave it a good wipe down and let it dry for a few minutes. After it was fully dry, I applied 2 coats of this paint. Although I was very excited about the colour, it turned out to be a little too nursery looking so after it dried I used an oil based burnt brown paint to give it a patina {if you do this make sure you use gloves- I did not and for a few days it looked like I had a mishap with fake tanning cream}.

Antique Dresser DIY

It took about 2 days for the patina to dry {again, patience!} but once it was done we put the handles back on and lined the drawers to give it a nice finishing touch. Originally I was intending on using these for the hardware and was so disappointed after I brought them home to find out that they did not fit. In a state of desperation I threw the original hardware on the drawers and was so pleasantly surprised to realize that they actually looked great. It saved me quite a bit of money and gives the dresser a very unique feel.

Antique Dresser DIY

Although it did try my patience at times, it was a surprisingly fun project and we are ecstatic with the final product. It would make a great project for a long weekend!

Antique Dresser DIY

Antique Dresser DIY

Sweet & Tart Valentine’s Breakfast

Cranberry and white chocolate scones hold a very special place in my heart. When paired with a mug of pipping hot coffee and a quiet morning these little scones have the indulgent power to turn any day into a great day. Although I have tried many different variations, this recipe is by far my favourite; it is easy, fast and delicious. To take these scones to the next level, all you need is to spread a high quality marmalade on them *de-lish!* I used a pink grapefruit and rose extract marmalade from Kitten & The Bear – a quaint little tea room and confiturier {hint: A jar of one of their delicious handmade preserves would make a fantastic Valentine’s gift for the foodie in your life.} 

Kitten & The Bear - Toronto

Nail polish: Essie’s “Cute as a Button

Sweet & Tart Valentine’s Breakfast