Hobby Flirting

Blushed Tapatia Store{My first order for 2014!}

Blushed Tapatia

Although jewelry making was such a large part of my life during my university years I have been flirting with it on and off ever since. I’m not sure if I became uninterested because turning a hobby into a job while you have many other commitments and a full-time job became too overwhelming or because I was ready to try new hobbies and teach myself new things. When I started Blushed Tapatia a few months ago I decided to take things slower, to make and sell jewelry for fun and at my own pace, to not become obsessive with the outcome and just enjoy the process. It’s been nice, it’s been slow and I love the fact that when I feel a burst of creativity I can just pull out my beads, make something and share it with the world. Getting this order reminded me of the thrill that I feel when someone, somewhere, loves something that I took time and care to make. It helped me decide that although 2014 is full of new promises I have to make time to enjoy the older things.

Hobby Flirting

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