Two Thousand Thirteen

Happy New Years {Eve}!

In our home, New Years was always full of traditions including grapes, champagne, a great dinner and family. As I’ve gotten older I have added some of my own traditions to this special day and though I like to think that one day we will have fantastic New Years parties to go to one day, I am also incredibly content with my stay-in-surrounded-by-family tradition.


Two thousand and thirteen was a fantastic year for us; we celebrated our one year of marriage, we went on the road and explored the friendly and low-key east coast of Canada, we made a big move to the city, we adopted Talulah and Ernie into our family and we baked, cooked and ate our way through many delicious recipes and restaurants. I hope that you have had a lovely year of moments that strengthened you, made you cry and made you laugh. I look forward to seeing what two thousand fourteen has in store for all of us!

Two Thousand Thirteen

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