Friday Favourites!

{Our newest addition to our Christmas collection – a little German smoker}

Oh the weekend! This has been a long and rough week {we had to fumigate our apartment, which included packing everything up, Ernie chewed everything that we left on the floor or at nose distance and I thought more than once “It’s Friday!” when really it was only Tuesday *sigh*} so I, for once, am thankful that it is over. This weekend I will be doing some more Christmas baking and going up to Stouffville to see our church’s annual Christmas play and to visit friends. Although it is already looking like it will be a jam packed weekend, I’m trying to convince Mike to take me to the movies; now that the Golden Globe nominations are out, we have a lot of catching up to do before February {aka Oscars time}!

Christmas market via Blushed Tapatia{Annual visit to the Distillery District’s Christmas market}

{Queen Bey’s stunning visual album *already on replay*}

{Peppermint bark coffee with a splash of eggnog}

{An adorable video that reminds me of my old “Choose your own adventure” books }

{Late night baking}

Friday Favourites!

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