Baby, it’s cold outside!

Having grown up in the beautifully warm Mexico, I distinctly remember the time that snow and I had our very first encounter. I was about eight years old when my family and I went on a long road trip from the north of Mexico all the way to Montreal to visit some family over the holidays. I spent the majority of the long drive with my face plastered against the chilly window as I anxiously awaited for some sparkly flakes to envelop our Suburban {I was a patient kid} but apparently it was not a snowy winter in the States that year.

It was late at night when we drove into Canada and I have never been a good watch-man so I snoozed right through the snowy landscapes; it was not until I woke up the next day, all cozy in bed, that I had the opportunity to see snow. With the energy and excitement of a child on Christmas morning, my sister and I piled on as many layers as we could find {note for a child that grew up in the warmth of Mexico this meant socks, jeans and a pull-over hoodie} before running outside and literally tossing ourselves against a white fluffy mountain of snow. If you are at all familiar with snow, then you will know that it didn’t take very long for us to start feeling the burn of the cold, cold snow {if, however, you are not familiar with the pretty white flurries let me save you the disappointment and let you know that they burn like fire!}. Needless to say, I was deeply sadden by the reality of a sparkly white winter so winter and I, well, we’ve have had a rocky relationship since.

Having lived in Toronto now for the majority of my life, I have truly tried to make amends and have been looking for the little joys of winter. A warm cup of tea, a cozy wool blanket and a book are my favourite companions on a frigid morning or during a drawn out snow storm. I am currently in the midst of finishing Mindy Kahling’s book and I am loving every second of it {a light and hilarious read}. As winter hits us head on, though, I look forward to curling along with The Luminaires by Eleanor Catton. If you are looking for a phenomenal and gripping novel to take you through the winter, give this a try and if you will be venturing out on this blistering cold day, learn from my youthful mistakes and bundle up!

(Photo from source unknown)

Baby, it’s cold outside!

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