The How-To of Christmas Shopping

jingle_all_the_way{Best scene from Jingle All The Way}

One of my favourite things of Christmas movies are the distressful shopping scenes. They are all so very ridiculous yet I can relate to many of them – the stress of finding the one thing my younger brother wants, the “maybe” of will they like it, the “I have no time for these crazy line ups!”.

I am a gift giver by nature and although I love shopping for others I find the pressure is on for Christmas. I feel like this is a fact that we all have some how accepted about Christmas time – in movies, in songs, in daily chat. So this year, in my rebellious way, I decided to go against the norm by taking a different approach and actually enjoy Christmas shopping – I know, so very ambitious! These simple steps have helped me finish almost all of my Christmas shopping without even stepping foot in a mall!

1. Learn from the master of Christmas – Mr.Claus himself. Make a list and check it twice – you don’t want to forget anyone or stress about the fact that you might forget someone.

2. Shop online. As much as I love the mall around this time of the year, there is nothing worst than trying to get shopping done on a Saturday morning in December. Do yourself a favor and order online now! Plus, you might find better deals there and get more bang for your buck!

3.Wrap as you go. Don’t wait until the 23rd in the evening to start wrapping.

4.Stalk your loved ones mercilessly. See what they have been pinning or what they have been raving about on whatever social network they are on.

5.Don’t be afraid to get crafty and do some DIY gifts. You might have 3 or 4 or more different gift exchanges and the $20 can add up. Relieve some stress by putting your crafty self at work and create something beautiful & unique.

And last but not least- have multiple belting-it-out- at-the-top-of-your-lungs Christmas sing-a-longs.

The How-To of Christmas Shopping

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