Ernie’s Dog Diary

“hi friends!

Dog Diary by Ernie via Blushed Tapatia

Dog Diary by Ernie via Blushed Tapatia {caught wearing mom’s underwear}

my name is hernie with a silent h. i was born not so long ago and the process was so distressful that i developed a hernia. mom and dad had a difficult time on choosing a name for me – i fear the day they have a human child- but thankfully, for them, my hernia served as creative fuel and inspired them to come up with my name.

any who, i’m a german short haired pointer and was rescued from somewhere up north by mom and dad. i now share my home with another little lady -her name is Talulah. she says she’s full grown but she is so teeny tiny that sometimes i confuse her with one of my toys. don’t worry though she’s fierce and won’t let me forget it.

i also love taking naps by the heater, exploring, eating and playing dress up -i dig my way through the hamper and find some of my favourite outfits! mom doesn’t seem to like my games too much but in the end i can always get her to crack a smile.


Dog Diary by Ernie via Blushed Tapatia

Ernie’s Dog Diary

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