Room for Silly

{Two lovely ladies who are amazing at bringing my silly side out… at a wedding of all places!}

Remember being young and silly? Taking photos without worrying about looking pretty,  recklessly laughing until you’re on the verge of peeing while screaming “I AM GOING TO PEEEEEEEE!!!!” and wearing whatever you felt like wearing?

For me, those moments are few and far between. I worry a lot about what others think so I’m usually too afraid to be goofy but there are some people in my life that bring that out in me and I love them for it. The chance to relax, to forget and to play.

On my commute to work I drive by this lovely school crossing guard who literally dances like no one is watching as she helps students cross the street. She is in her mid to late 50s and every morning, rain or shine, she is there laughing and encouraging the kids around her to dance as they cross the street. Her silliness engulfs everyone around her, from kids to parents to commuters in cars. It doesn’t matter if my coffee machine wasn’t working that morning, or if I’m running late, or if I had little to no sleep;  her silliness has the power to cut right through my grump.

This dancing crossing guard doesn’t know that she makes me smile even on the dreariest of days or that her goofiness has taught me a phenomenal lesson {letting loose has the power to make those around you smile}. She’s dancing because she loves to, because she’s happy and because she’s letting loose. Every morning I am reminded by her to do something like that – spontaneous, unexpected, silly and fun – as a way to pay it forward. Maybe if more and more people were brave like her our city would be a happier place.

I would love to know if you agree and if so, how do you make room for silly in your day-to-day?

Room for Silly

2 thoughts on “Room for Silly

  1. Ahaha I feel honoured to be in a photo on your blog post!!! This was such a funny time… I feel like we were obnoxiously loud, but we cared not! What a good memory. (: Love you, Mayo. Though you sometimes feel like these moments are few and far between, you definitely allow people to be their silly selves too, and I appreciate that. (: Cheers to fun!


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