T.O. Review: Nadège Patisserie

Ombré Macarons Ombré Macarons

I believe that sometimes life just hands you little gifts -like an unexpected sweet text from a friend or a parking spot when you are in a hurry. Earlier this week I got one of those little gifts on my way to my favourite cupcake shop. I was on a mission and in a hurry when I stumbled, quite literally, upon Nadège. The chic design and delicious smell oozing out of the doorway stopped me dead in my tracks and I had little choice but to follow my nose straight into the French bakery. Like a little child, I was foolishly smiling from ear to ear while I took in the delicious cakes, macarons and chocolates that are freshly made in store. Although it took me a while to decide, I opted for some almond croissants for the following morning, four lovely macarons and two scrumptious cakes. Having a pastry baker as a sister has made me incredibly picky (some say snobby!) when it comes to deserts and pastries but every single item that I had from Nadège gets a licked-thumbs up! This is not to say that cupcakes will be replaced as my go-to desert but it’s always good to stop and try something new.

Almond Croissant review in TapatiaAlmond croissant in the morning with a cup of coffee
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T.O. Review: Nadège Patisserie

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