But really, what is business casual?

business casual outfitTo be business casual or not to be? Now THAT is the question. The majority of workplaces use that generic term as a way to describe their dress code but we all know that everyone has a different understanding of exactly what that term entails.  The day before my first day at a real out-of-university job, I spent countless hours trying to figure out what is considered business casual only to find myself more confused than when I started. After being in the business world for almost a year and on certain occasions appearing too over-dressed or  too under-dressed I have found what I believe to be the essentials for a perfectly balanced business casual wardrobe. The key is combining polished classic pieces {keeps things business} with modern pops of colour {prevents from looking serious and stuffy}. Over the next few weeks I will feature these essentials in different outfits that will showcase how business casual is the perfect balance between professional and fun.

One of my go-to outfits is composed of the following essentials:

1. A fitted blouse in a basic colour
2. A bright pencil skirt – don’t be afraid to branch out of the classic black one
3. Statement jewelry – It adds a touch of creativity and is a perfect way of showcasing your personality {this one from J.Crew is currently on sale}
4. A work appropriate heel with a modern twist – currently obsessed with this leather strap one from Zara
5. Cute as a Button by Essie is a great shade of coral that is business friendly. {remember keep your nails short & fresh – no chips!}

But really, what is business casual?

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