Cutting for Stone Rave

I like writing lists.

I have a long, so very long, list of “must read”.

I only add to that list books that are recommended by friends or classics that I have not yet read (like Catcher in the Rye…I know, I know…please don’t judge me)

Cutting for Stone had been on my list for far too long and I finally decided to tackle it this past Christmas. It was one of those wonderful reads that captivated me; I could not put it down and when I did I often imagined what would happen next.


It is a beautiful saga, set in Ethiopia, that slowly unfolds a secret between an Indian nun and a cold British doctor through the lives of two twins, Marion and Shiva. As they boys grow up and begin to experience different events in their lives such as exile, betrayal, the trials of brotherhood and love, the emotions that come along with it all have a way of weaving their way through the pages and into your heart.  It is a beautifully written masterpiece that invites you into Ethiopia and asks you to grow up side-by-side with the two boys. This novel will move you to the core. I have not shed as many tears over a book since I was in grade 6 and read The Diary of Anne Frank. That being said, I highly suggest you read this in the privacy of your home lest you freak out passengers on the subway (its not fun, trust me.)

So if you are looking for a fantastic book to read this summer, this is it!  If you find yourself ever saying ” I just don’w know what to read”- this is it! If you bored out of your mind one day after work, or during your commute and the tweets on twitter are no longer sufficient to entertain you- this is it!

However, beware, as once you are done reading you will find yourself in a state of mind that I like to call the “book hangover” and will be unable to pick up another book for at least a month.

P.S. what do you recommend I read this summer?

Cutting for Stone Rave

2 thoughts on “Cutting for Stone Rave

  1. Mayo, checa El libro de cabecera, (The pillow book, en inglés) Tiene hermosos paisajes, intrigas y amores palaciegos, y listas, muchas listas, como esta: osas que hacen latir deprisa el corazón

    Gorriones que alimentan a sus crías. Pasar por un lugar donde juegan niños. Dormir en una habitación donde se ha quemado incienso. Advertir que un elegante espejo chino está un poco empañado. Ver a un caballero que detiene su carruaje frente a nuestro portón y ordena a sus servidores que lo anuncien. Lavarse el pelo, acicalarse y ponerse ropas perfumadas. Aunque nadie lo vea, sentimos un íntimo placer. Es de noche y uno espera una visita. De pronto nos sorprende el sonido de las gotas de lluvia que el viento arroja a las persianas.


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