Mexican Embroidery


 {My sister, my mom and I in Oaxaca Mexico}

When I was younger my mom used to dress my sister and I in traditional Mexican dresses; although at that time I thought they were ugly and tacky I have now come to cherish the look and love the few pictures we have of us wearing them. I found my mom’s most recent visit to Mexico as the perfect opportunity and asked her to bring back some of the beautiful embroidered shirts that she used to buy for us when we were younger. Although she was a bit confused that after all my years of refusing to wear typical Mexican clothing I was now reverting back to it, she proudly returned with a stunning hand-crafted shirt. Back in the day I used to wear my embroidered dresses with sparkly head bands and light-up flip flops, though now, I am officially looking forward for warmer weather so I can pair this beautiful peasant shirt with my favourite pair of white jeans, a bright pink belt and some gladiators.

mexican shirt

{Embroidered Mexican shirt: similar one here}

To think that someone took the time and effort to embroider this beauty by hand makes me even more appreciative of this lovely new addition to my wardrobe.

Mexican Embroidery

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