Long Lost Twins

There was a time in my life when I was convinced that for every person in the world there was a second mirror image of them somewhere out there. My obsession with this theory grew when I lived in France for three months and would constantly run into look-a-likes of my uncle twice removed, the girl who sat in front of me in my history class, my brother’s sitter and many other people who I knew back home.  Similar experiences have happened to me ever since and they often while I am away on trips. Eventually I ignored my old high school theory and stopped looking for twins but upon seeing images of Louis Vuitton’s new spring line {which is a beautiful homage to the 60’s and the iconic Twiggy} & Brunell’s project,  I could not help but think back and wonder if my high school thoughts had, maybe, had some wisdom behind them.

Louis Vuitton Spring 2013

Vuitton’s show was spectacular and classic not just because of the clothing but also, as it’s often times in life, because of the presentation. Two models who could pass as twins, and at times look like mirror images of the other, make quite the impression.

I’m not a look alike! by François Brunelle

Those two are not related… can you believe it?! François Brunelle, the photographer behind this fun & beautiful project, took it upon himself to find some people’s long lost non-related twins.  He did not ask them to dress or pose differently than they would, if the picture was being taken by anyone else. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? {I wonder where my non-related twin lives and what they are like!}

Lesson learned? The 60’s patterns and frock dresses are making a fierce comeback and twins are technically very “IN” this spring – make sure you find yours!

Long Lost Twins

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