Something new


A few weeks ago I decided to try something new. Something I had been dying to do for quite some time but, for some reason, I  let that little anxiety gremlin inside of me (we all have that right?) convince me that it was too difficult for me to learn something so complex this late in life (ha! quarter life crisis), that even if I could learn it, it’s just not the “type” of stuff I’m into and also not the type of stuff regular people do as a hobby .

Then, a few weeks ago I told the little gremlin to shut it and started searching for a beginners coding class. I wasn’t quite sure what the most prestigious place to learn code in Toronto was but I knew that I wanted to find a course that wouldn’t only teach me the know-how but a place that would make me feel comfortable enough to ask a gallilion silly questions – because that’s really how I learn – by asking lots of “Why?” questions – like a two year old 😉

I  then remembered that a friend volunteers at Ladies Learning Code and after poking around their site I signed up for a Saturday workshop.

To say that the workshop was fast paced would be the understatement of the year but they had plenty of coffee and coaches offering help & answering questions. Somewhere between the caffeine high and the beautiful exposed bricks, I fell so very deeply in love with coding.


 {Not only did they have endless amounts of coffee but they served it in those amazing mugs!}

Afterwards  I was literally buzzing for the rest of the day and well into the evening – and it wasn’t just the caffeine! I was SO thrilled to have learned how to make a website from scratch. Sure I’ve got a TON to learn. Sure it is going to be very difficult and I have basically a whole new language to master but my goodness, am I excited for the challenge! I want to CREATE. To DESIGN. To MAKE THINGS! And this workshop reminded me of that.

I’ve got a long way to go before I am able to call myself a coder but I took the plunge.

So, with that I want to challenge you to try something new in January. Push yourself outside of your comfort zone and quiet down that little anxiety gremlin inside of you because that buzzing feeling you get when you try something new is so incredibly worth it!


Something new

Friday Favourites

Humber River{Ernie & I took advantage of the beautiful weather this week… can you spot him?}

Can someone please tell me where October went? I mean, I know everyone tends to say that at one point or another but I actually caught myself the other day thinking about Halloween and it took me a few seconds to realize that not only has Halloween already come and gone but Christmas spirit is upon us full throttle. Maybe my confusion had to do with the phenomenal weather we had in Toronto this past week; the weather was well above seasonal temperatures and it was quite glorious! The real beauty of it, though, was that since we all know winter is coming, there was an abundant amount of happy people basking in the sunshine.  It was truly good but is anyone else just ready to deck the halls and let it snow?!

Hope you all have the loveliest of weekends! xo

Carrots for everyone!{In absolute shock at the size of the carrots we got with our Mama Earth Organics box this week}

unnamed{My dream home}

Christmas decorations {Coziest Christmas decor}

Friday Favourites

What I Read in October

OctoberBooksI am really thankful that one of the last surviving Indigo stores is close to my office. One of my favourite things to do when I need a break is to walk to the store and browse around for new books. Sure, books are way cheaper on Amazon but I just love casually walking up and down the aisles in a book store until a cover, or title jumps out. This past month, that book for me was Ripper. I truly admire Isabelle Allende as an author and a feminist ( have you seen this TED Talk of hers?!) so when I saw her new book sitting on the shelf at the store I didn’t even think twice.

Ripper, is, as far as I am aware, Allende’s first venture into the murder mystery genre and she did a brilliant job. The story telling was so captivating that I was quite literally glued to this book – I just needed to find out who was committing all the murders and how they connected with the main character, Indiana!

Not only will this book will transport you to beautiful current day San Francisco, it will introduce you to four of the most compelling characters in any murder mystery novel. Allende is one of the most talented story tellers of this century and part of the reason why is because she has the ability to create incredible characters and in this case, the characters are what makes the novel truly memorable. After having finished this book, I felt like Indiana, her spunky daughter Amanda and her father were close family friends.

The Blackthorn Key was October’s pick for the #IndigoBookClub. I had never participated in this Twitter chat but figured since I devoured Ripper (finished it in just over a week) I had some time to catch up and finish the book before the chat. The book had potential – London in the 1600’s, a young apothecary apprentice, murder mystery ( this was apparently the theme for the month) –  but it turned out to be just all-right. The story was definitely entertaining but I found the characters lacked in complexity. I also didn’t try to solve the code puzzle that the main character is working to decipher but many on the #IndigoBookClub admitted that that was their favourite thing. It was an easy, entertaining read that one who loves solving puzzles might enjoy.

Have you read either of these books? What did you think?

Also, I’m always looking for new book to read so I’d love to know what you have been reading!

What I Read in October

It’s all in the details

fireplace{A fireplace! Even out of commission it makes our living room so cozy }

We recently moved from our high rise on Roncesvalles and while we really miss the incredible view and the waterfront, I must admit I am completely infatuated with our current place. Not only is the neighbourhood fantastic, our neighbours lovely and my commute half what it used to be, but our new little home has an incredible amount of character, something I thought we’d only get after we became home owners.That being said, not everything is perfect and there are a few things I would love to change {the subways runs right below us so we can hear & feel a slow rumble every 5 minutes or so} but I really have been making an effort to focus and be thankful for the good {or great in this case} . We aren’t fully settled in yet but I wanted to share a few of those details that make our new space feel like home.

Office{Our new office aka a bedroom for all my books…yay!}

Bedside Table{The softest light comes in our bedroom windows and makes my bedside table a beautiful sight every morning}

Bathroom tile{Pretty sure this tile is the reason we chose this apartment and it’s by far, my favourite detail}

It’s all in the details

The Best Icebreaker Ever.

“If Nancy Meyers made a movie about you, what song would play during the opening credits?”

Now you probably are thinking that I have officially lost it but think about it. The answer to that question would reveal so much about that person -their taste in music, in movies, what type of “genre” they see their lives as – and will immediately help you figure out if it is worth to continue chatting with them or if you should move on. For me, for example, if you don’t know or don’t like Nancy Meyers (is that even possible), we probably won’t get along. Just kidding, I love you even if you don’t know who the best chick-flick director in the world is.

If you were to ask me that question the answer would be easy – September by Earth, Wind and Fire. That’s right. If there was ever a movie made about me, the opening credits would have September playing in the background. Imagine a setting like the photo below and add to it a twenty-something girl/woman walking out of downtown office, wearing red lipstick and carrying too much stuff in her purse….and now start humming the song…. perfect right?! Opening Credits

I’d love to know, what song would play during the opening credits of a movie starring you?

P.S – The best opening credits in a movie, ever.

The Best Icebreaker Ever.

Saturday in Pastel

{Zara pants (similar), Mango blouse (similar) , Zara jean jacket, H&M hat, Michael Kors bag, Sam Edelman flats (similar)}

Although summer officially started a few days ago, the weather remains a little on the cool side in Toronto …  this is not a complaint… our apartment does not have AC {yet!!} so the cool lake breeze has kept us all very happy!

The cool air has also forced me to reconsider my typical summer uniform. In past years, as soon as the temperature and the humidity started inevitably climbing, I’d reach for one of my many billowy sun dresses without much thought. However, since those dresses aren’t quite weather appropriate yet, I have found  myself digging deep into my closet and getting more creative.

Not only have I had an amazing time finding outfit inspiration on Instagram and Pinterest, I’ve also made time to “shop in my closet” and rediscover some great items that I had completely forgotten about -the last time I wore those pastel pants, I was still a university student…!!!  After some digging, I put together the outfit above for a busy errand-running Saturday and is now one of my go-to’s.

This weekend I encourage you to invite a friend over, dig deep in your closet, find an item that you have not worn in a while and together style an outfit around it. I promise that the outcome will be lovely and you both will have a surprising amount of fun!

Saturday in Pastel

Table for One

Table for one - Blushed TapatiaAlthough I like to think that I am a fairly independent person it wasn’t until recently that I realized just how terrified I am to do certain things on my own.

On Sunday I flew out to San Diego for work. After a crazy flight I arrived famished and was determined to get Mexican food {I mean my home country is literally a stone-throw away and so this will be the closest I get to authentic Mexican food for a while}!

I settled into my room, freshened up and as I started thinking about biting into some delicious rajas tacos I quickly realized that I would be sitting down at a restaurant all. by. myself. While I have eaten at food courts and cafeterias on my own, I have never gone to a restaurant solo and was surprised by the anxiety attack that started coming on: What would people think? What would I do? Would it be awkward?

I resisted the urge of ordering room service { and let me tell you that it was hard….very few things beat  breakfast/dinner in bed!} and instead faced my anxiety head-on by jumping into a cab and asking the driver to take me to the best Mexican restaurant in town. I arrived at Puesto and as confidently as I could muster I asked for a table for one.

Table for one- Blushed Tapatia

The experience was surprisingly refreshing! I not only realized that I can totally rock solo-eating {!!!} but I also really enjoyed it. My phone was dying so I was unable to use it as a shield and was forced to really just be there. I was able to focus on the food that I was eating and truly enjoy it {the tacos and guacamole were out of this world! – seriously…the best tacos I’ve had outside of Mexico! } I also rediscovered my love of people watching! And no I was not the creep sitting at a dark corner of a restaurant watching others eat… I promise!

Although it was nice to face my anxiety, not miss out on what I truly wanted to do, and rediscover some of my pastimes, I also realized how much I enjoy the community aspect of eating a meal. I really love being able to share food and to be able to express my thoughts on it {I actually was tempted to live-tweet my dinner!}. With my new-found appreciation for dinner time, I have decided that from now on I will limit my phone use while we eat to strictly photo taking; no email, no Instagram, no nothing!

I would love to know, have you ever solo-dinned at a restaurant? How did you find the experience? And if not, what is stopping you from trying?

Table for One